Monday, October 25, 2010

Hello and Welcome!

Hello and Welcome! On this blog we share craft ideas. Etcetera designs new toys and paper dolls. I do some work. Our family has some fun.

(Read this in your best Jeremy Clarkson voice.)

Our family loves Top Gear and Jeremy Clarkson in particular. I've always loved the way Jeremy opens each episode with the same familiar "Hello and Welcome" and I just couldn't resist using it in this, my very first post on The Serendipity Sisters. And while we may not be Top Gear we do have some things in common. We have a Captain Slow, we have a Jeremy Clarkson speak-alike, and while we may not have any hamsters we do have three guineas pigs.

In this blog I want to share craft ideas, paper dolls, and some stories of my family and pets. But first I have to introduce you to each of my family members. My Mum, Juliet Capulet, loves blogging and has already set herself up four. My Dad, Mr. Incredible, loves to cook and seems never happier than when he is in the kitchen whipping up a sumptuous feast. The Fiancee is 23. She's engaged to a lovely young man, Mr. Computer. The two of them are computer geeks and pretty nifty with photoshop. Captain Slow is my 22 year brother. He gets his name from the fact that, like the Top Gear presenter James May, he drives extremely slowly. King Kong is 18. Is an avid mountain biker, when his bike isn't broken that is. I am obviously Electra. I am 16. I am quite musical and take piano lessons and singing lessons as well as being part of a choir. Etcetera, my co-author and close sister of 13, loves all things crafty. When not putting together some new project she can usually be found with her head well and truly stuck inside a book. The Saint is my 11 year old brother. He died as a baby and has the most amazing collection of teddy bears.  Titania, 9 years old, has the most amazing grin. She can swim a whole swimming lesson with it spread all over her face. Tinkerbell is 6. She is the living version of Barbie, with blond hair, blue eyes and beautiful pink clothes.

As well as our large family we have three cats, who are just as funny and unique as the rest of us. The Kibble Bandit, is our kitten. Her favourite pastime is sneaking up on the other two's food bowls, just to check if they've left her any kibble to bandit. The Wonky Donkey is huge. He's not too smart but he makes up for it by being extremely placid and handsome. Just don't try putting him in the bath. The Supermodel Spends all her time sleeping. When she isn't doing that she sits on the computer chair, completely ignoring all attempts to push her off.

Although the name of our blog is very popular, we think it suits us well. We are so lucky to have a nice family, and good things just seem to happen to us naturally, without us having to go looking for them. And we hope that on this site you will find something nice that you weren't expecting too.


  1. Electra and Etcetera? Really? I'd like to see the birth certificates. And the page is ... well, to quote Uncle Max from the Sound of Music as he was bravely drinking lemonade ... very pink.

  2. Well, can you guess where the names Electra and Etcetera come from?