Paper dolls


Meet Coral-Rose, a friendly mermaid who just loves to swim, dive and splash all day in her wardrobe of pretty mermaid dresses.

Francesca the Fairy

Here is a totally new paper doll, drawn as ever by Charlotte. Meet Francesca the Fairy and her wardrobe of pretty fairy dresses and wings. The wings need to be stuck onto the doll's back with blu-tack. Click on the picture's titles to go straight to the download page.

St Valentine's Day Annie Belle
For St Valentine's Day we have uploaded a special Annie Belle's St Valentine's Day doll. She comes with two gorgeous dresses covered in hearts, a box of chocolates and a bunch of beautiful red roses.

Annie Belle's St Valentine's Day Colouring in page 
Annie Belle's St Valentine's Day

Annie Belle's Australia Day

On the 26th of January every year Australians celebrate Australia Day. Because this day is so special to us as Australians, we've made an Annie Belle's Australia Day doll. She comes complete with her own Australian flag and typically Australian food. She's ready to celebrate Australia Day.

                                                                      Annie Belle's Australia Day

Annie Belle's First Holy Communion

Recently my own sister made her first holy communion. This inspired us to make this month's Annie Belle theme a First Holy Communion theme. She has her own white dress and a veil. Dress her up and help Annie Belle celebrate her special day.

Epiphany Dolls

With Epiphany coming up, we decided to complete the nativity scene and make the Three Wise Men. They are on stands, like the rest of the Nativity scene characters. We've given them a camel as well. Try printing off three camels, one for each of them. We've also given them their famous gifts of Gold, Frankincense and Myrrh. These also come on stands. Have fun!

Three Kings


Nativity Scene

At long last we've managed to complete our 'Annie Belle' style nativity scene. You can either print it out fully coloured or have the fun of colouring it in yourself.

To make up the stable first cut out all the pieces. Then bend the flaps of the triangular front pieces backwards. Stick the roof pieces to the flaps. This should create a triangular roof. Bend the flaps of the walls backwards. Stick the top flap of each piece to the roof. Stick the bottom flap to a pieces of heavy cardboard. Now your stable is ready to receive Jesus on Christmas day.

Holy Family
                                                                          Manger Colouring in

Holy Family Colouring in                                  



                                                                                       Roof front colouring in

Angel Colouring in

                                                                            Roof front

Shepherd Colouring in



                                                                                                                                     Wall colouring in

Annie Belle at Christmas

Here at last is the Annie Belle at Christmas dolls. She comes complete with Christmas tree, presents, and a cousin to share the fun with. Enjoy!

Annie Belle and Rosa at Christmas

Annie Belle and Rosa at Christmas Colouring in

Christmas Tree Colouring in

New St Nicholas Paper Doll

Well, here is the first of our Advent/Christmas paper dolls. This one is St Nicholas, patron saint of children. I guess it is appropriate then that we have made him into a paper doll for children to colour in. Have fun with St Nicholas and keep looking out for our new Annie Belle and the Nativity scene paper dolls that we hope to put up soon.

Paper Doll Girls

Etcetera and I have always loved paper dolls. There is something so fascinating about creating clothes for a paper friend and making up a world for her to live in. As we've grown older we haven't stopped liking paper dolls. But now we prefer to make them rather than play with them. We hope that our paper dolls will be the perfect playmates for little girls who love them as much as we do.

Annie Belle is our first doll. She's rather a trial for us as we've never tried anything like putting one online before. But we're fairly certain that it's worked and we'd love to know what you think of her. We're also going to put up an uncoloured version of Annie Belle for those children who like to colour and personalise their own dolls. Keep watching out for more dolls on this page. And especially keep an eye out for more Annie Belle. She'll be turning up again soon with a whole new wardrobe of clothes and a brand new destination.

Annie Belle goes to her cousin's birthday party

Annie Belle goes to her cousin's birthday party colouring in page

Annie Belle's Summer Beach Holiday

Annie Belle's Summer Beach Holiday colouring page

Annie Belle Colouring Page

Well, here is the colouring in version of Annie Belle. My sisters have already tried her out and decided that she's good enough. It's good to have younger sisters to try these things out on. Soon we'll have the new Annie Belle paper doll ready to go up on the blog and hopefully this time I'll remember to put the colouring in page up at the same time.


  1. Etcetera draws them. I just put them on the computer and load them onto the blog. But yes, they're all original.

  2. These are beautiful~ my daughter is loving your paper dolls!

  3. Hi Renata. I thought that no one was looking at the dolls. It's so nice to find out that there are people using them. Thanks for stopping to tell me so.