Saturday, September 3, 2011

Francesca the Fairy

After quite a long absence, we're finally back with a new paper doll, drawn by Charlotte. Meet Francesca the Fairy, complete with four pretty fairy dresses and a pair of fairy wings. The wings need to be attached to the doll's back with a blob of blu-tack. Enjoy!

Sunday, February 13, 2011

St Valentine

St Valentine's Day arrives tomorrow. But behind all the red roses, boxes of chocolate, and pink, white and red cards, what is the real story of St Valentine?

Who was St Valentine? No one is absolutely sure. But it is almost certain that he was a priest in Rome during the reign of Emperor Cladius II. A tomb in the catacombs was found with St Valentine's name and a little information about him.

The text tells that he was a priest who was caught marrying young Christian couples and helping Christians that were being persecuted. He caught the emperor's eye and was imprisoned. The Emperor seemed to like St Valentine. But St Valentine made a mistake and tried to convert Claudius. Claudius at once had him killed. He died on 14th of February.

St Valentine is known as the patron saint of engaged couples, bee-keepers, epilepsy, fainting, greetings, happy marriages, love, lovers, plague, travellers, and young couples.

Today we are putting up a new Annie Belle in honour of St Valentine's Day. Click on these links to download her or go to the paper dolls page:
Annie Belle's St Valentine's Day
Annie Belle's St Valentine's Day Colouring in
Have a happy St Valentine's Day!

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Australia Day Annie Belle

Australia Day is celebrated on January 26th. We celebrate it in remembrance of when the First Fleet, made up of 11 convict ships, landed in Sydney Cove and Governor Arthur Philip raised the Union Jack on Australian soil. People have Australia Day tee-shirts, thongs and flags so we decided that Annie Belle should have her very own Australia Day clothes and food.

Electra and I designed Annie Belle two new outfits and some great Australian food for her Australia Day celebration. She has an Australian flag tee-shirt and a boxing kangaroo tee-shirt to wear. Also Annie Belle has her very own Australian flag. For dinner she has a sausage in a roll and for pudding Annie Belle has pavlova. And for a snack Annie Belle has a lamington to eat.

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Tinkerbell's Special Day

Special days are ones we remember for a long, long time. They stick in the memory and we take great pleasure in looking back and remembering all the little details of that particular day. This Sunday it was Tinkerbell’s day.

Tinkerbell made her way up the church aisle, looking like a small, nervous cloud in her floaty white dress. She was about to receive Jesus for the first time in her short life. Who wouldn’t be nervous, especially with their godparents watching?

After mass though, the nervousness disappeared and Tinkerbell’s customary sunny smile shone on one and all as she flitted from person to person, sharing her excitement and enjoyment of the day.

Breakfast in the park was new, especially with the weird and wonderful mixture there was on offer. Bacon and eggs rubbed cheeks with yogurt and mince pies. Croissants were more normal, but cake? A perfect breakfast by her standards.

Home from the park and it’s time to put on her white dress again and prepare for the arrival of her best friends. What better fun than to rustle round the house in her pretty dress with six layers and play games?

Lunch and it’s nice too. But better than lunch, what about another cake? How can this day get any better? And with ice cream! Not much cake hits the floor as it gets stuffed in small mouths.

A movie in the evening with her brothers and sisters with the odd guest. Then time for bed. What a perfect day all round. Mr Incredible might have collapsed on the bed from exhaustion and Juliet might be sitting on the sofa with a headache, but such trivialities pass Tinkerbell by. It’s been a lovely day, one that she will look back to for a long time to come.

Etcetera and I were trying to think of a theme for Annie Belle for this month. What should it be? Then Juliet suggested that, in light of Tinkerbell’s first holy communion, why did we make an Annie Belle First Holy Communion doll. We caught onto the idea at once, and Annie Belle’s First Holy Communion was born. Download the doll from either the side bar or go to the Paper Doll page to preview a picture before downloading.